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Six Months of Travel: Final Trip Stats and Costs

Here we go! The final trip stats post along with information on costs. All costs are in Australian dollars.

– Number of countries visited: 10 (counting the hour in Myanmar and half an hour in Luxembourg!)
– Days traveling: 184
– Days in Asia: 130
– Days in UK/Europe: 54

Accommodation Stats and Costs
– Places stayed overnight: 35
– Average number of nights in each place: 5.2
– Longest in one place: 32 nights (Homestay and volunteering in Sisaket)
– Nights in UK/Europe with free accommodation (thanks to friends and family): 27

– Total cost of accommodation for the whole trip: $10,331
– Total cost of accommodation in Asia: $6,833
– Total cost of accommodation in UK/Europe: $3,498
– Average cost of accommodation per night overall: $56
– Average cost of accommodation in Asia per night: $53
– Average cost of accommodation in UK/Europe per night (minus free nights): $125

Our Amsterdam apartment

Our most expensive accommodation

– Most expensive accommodation: Amsterdam apartment at $191/night
– Least expensive accommodation: Little Home Guesthouse in Mae Salong at $20/night

Little Home Bungalow

Our least expensive accommodation

Transport Stats and Costs
– Total hours actually travelling between places: 142
– Hours on planes: 45.5
– Number of plane trips: 8
– Total cost of flights: $9,621

looking out on Afghanistan

Flying over Afghanistan

– Hours on trains: 33.5
– Number of (intercity) train trips: 10
– Hours on buses: 27
– Number of (intercity) bus trips: 11
– Hours on minibuses: 11.5
– Number of minibus trips: 3
– Hours on boats: 21
– Number of ferry trips: 4
– Hours on sangthaew: 3.5
– Number of (inter-town) sangthaew trips: 3

coming into Bangkok

Train to Bangkok

– Longest single journey: Koh Samui to Bangkok.
– Longest on one mode of transport: Overnight ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam at 14 hours.

Miscellaneous Stats and Costs
– Visits from the tooth fairy: 3
– Mail received at home (thanks Dad!): 2.3kg
– Photos taken: 4,771 or 32.9GB
– Total cost of trip: $36,000. Minus accommodation and flights as above leaves about $16,000 spent on pre-trip costs (passports, vaccinations, luggage, computer etc.), food, all other transport, activities, entry fees and spending.

List 49/52 – Five Months of Trip Stats

Month five is finished which means we’re on our final month now. A little bit sad and a little bit exciting. Here are the updated stats:

– Number of countries visited: 7 (counting the hour in Myanmar!)
– Days traveling: 153
– Places stayed overnight: 29
– Average number of nights in each place: 5.3
– Modes of transport: 9
– Total hours actually traveling between places: 111 hrs
– Hours on planes: 25.5 hrs
– Hours on trains: 22.5 hrs
– Hours on buses: 27 hrs
– Hours on minibuses: 11.5 hrs
– Hours on boats: 21 hrs
– Hours on sangthaew: 3.5 hrs

Arriving in The Netherlands this morning. We're cosy in our apartment now after getting lost and very wet on the way here. Junior Eurovision is on TV. It's going to be an effort to go out again but we do need food.

Arriving in The Netherlands by overnight ferry from England.


List 45/52 – 4 Months of Trip Stats

We’re four months in and our time in South East Asia is nearly up! Here are the updated stats.

– Number of countries visited: 4 (counting the hour in Myanmar!)
– Days traveling: 125
– Places stayed overnight: 24
– Average number of nights in each place: 5.2
– Modes of transport: 9
– Total hours actually traveling between places: 76.5hrs
– Hours on planes: 11.25hrs
– Hours on trains: 19hrs 50mins
– Hours on buses: 27hrs
– Hours on minibuses: 11.5hrs
– Hours on boats: 7hrs
– Hours on sangthaew: 3.5hrs

List 32/52 – One Month of Trip Stats

(Blogging from iPhone today so please excuse any wonkiness.)

We’ve now been traveling for just over a month. Each month I’ll update these stats.

– Days traveling: 34
– Places stayed overnight: 9
– Modes of transport: 6
– Total hours actually traveling between places: 32hrs 40mins
– Hours on planes: 8
– Hours on trains: 4hrs 50mins
– Hours on buses: 8hrs 15mins
– Hours on minibuses: 8.5
– Hours on boats: 3
– Hours on sangthaew: 10mins