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Thank You

First of all, thank YOU, to everyone who read this blog, the commenters, the silent ones, people who followed on Facebook and Instagram and everyone who virtually kept us company along the way.

Thanks to James and Cara for sparking the whole idea with the invitation to their Thai wedding, a highlight of the trip for sure.

Thank you to Mike and Sandra, housesitters extrordinaire, who took great care of our home and car and garden. Also thanks to our neighbours for keeping an eye on things when Mike and Sandra weren’t there.

Thanks to my Dad and Pam for receiving, opening, scanning and emailing six months worth of mail for us. Excellent service!

Thanks to friends back home who kept us up to date with all the news, both good and sad, from home.

Thank you to the family travel blogging community. The ones we met along the way, the ones who gave advice through the best facebook group for travelling families, the ones whose blogs provided information and inspiration before and during the trip and that I will continue to enjoy following.

Thank you to Tae, Jun and A-Tong, the best Thai host family we could have hoped for. They kept us extremely well fed and looked after for our month in Sisaket.

Thank you to all the friends and family who hosted us, fed us, and drove us to airports and train stations. Nonna deserves an extra special thanks here for having us over Christmas and New Year, but also thanks to: Jo and Dirk, Tory and Vince, Noa and Luc, Richard and Lucy, James and Cara and a big thank you to Poppa for getting up at some ungodly hour to pick us up on our return to Sydney.

Thank you to anyone who spent time playing with our kids! Especially above mentioned family and friends, the students and teachers at Sritrakool School, and friendly guesthouse and restaurant staff everywhere!

Finally, thanks to my three favourite people in the world for a most excellent adventure and for putting up with me on those days when all that family togetherness got a bit too much.

Thank you all!


Trip Count


What Sort of Travel Blog Will This Be?

With less than 5 weeks to go I’ve been thinking more about what sort of blog this will be while we’re travelling. I read a lot of travel blogs but my favourites are the ones that are simply personal accounts of a person or family’s travels. I enjoy reading about the practicalities. How did you get there? Where did you stay? How much did it cost? Would you recommend it to others? What did you see and do there? So that’s the sort of blog this will be. Hopefully it will be a great record for us to look back on and might help others planning a similar trip in the future.

I will be continuing the 52 Lists project along the way and will still aim to get a list up as close to each Sunday as possible. If you have any ideas for future list topics let me know!

While we’re travelling I’ll be uploading photos to flickr and iphone pics to instagram. And don’t forget to like the facebook page for quick status updates and notifications of new blog posts.

What sort of information do you like to read in a travel blog?

Prague train station

Prague train station 2005