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Being Home

Home! (We have lovely neighbours.)

This sign from our neighbours greeted us when we arrived home. (It’s still on the door.)

We’ve been home for six and a half weeks now. It feels like much longer than that. For the first couple of weeks it all felt a bit surreal, but now we are pretty much back to life as normal. Dave is busy at work, Lil is back at school, I am gearing up to start back on my studies. I think Ed is having the most trouble readjusting to life here, which is funny because he had the most trouble adjusting to travel. He really misses Lil when she is at school (they hug each other hard every afternoon at pick-up) and I think he gets sick of being with just me so much. It’s a big change for him after six months of being together as four pretty much 24-7 and he has been through some big changes since we got home – no more nappies and no more dummy.

Didn't make it to bed time.

Couch nap

There are parts of travel that I miss, for sure, but I love our little house and community and city. This is home.

This is life when we're not on holiday.

This is life when we’re not on holiday.

I’ve been running, I’ve been sewing, I’ve been spending afternoons chatting to friends in the park after school, I’m back at craft night, I can have a great coffee whenever I want one, these are all things that make me happy.

First Parkrun in about 8 months. Lucky the view is nice!

A nice place for a run.

Today is Dave’s birthday. We’ve had presents in bed, he went for a run, cooked poached eggs for breakfast with home made bread, the kids have been drawing, playing with lego, watching some ABC Kids. Later on there is a food and music festival just a block away. We’ll wander down and look at the stalls, listen to some music, drink some coffee. In the afternoon we’ll meet friends there for birthday drinks. It’s days like this I love being here.

Dig dig dig

Beach time

We talk about the trip a lot. I’m surprised by how much the kids, even Ed, remember. The other day he said, “What’s that word, when you look at something from the top of a temple?…The distance!”

I’m so glad we took this leap and did this trip. I’m not sure what our next travel adventure will be. Right now I’m content to stay close to home for a while, but I’m sure that bug will bite again.