Paris Part 3: Winter Fun

This was our third visit to Paris but our first in the winter and our first with kids. We were lucky that it only rained a little while we were there and we had some really glorious winter days too. The temperatures were about 6-9 degrees celsius each day.

The first official tourist attraction we visited was the Notre Dame Cathedral. Although we’ve been there twice before we had never been inside. The lines were always so long. This time we just walked right on in! That’s the big advantage of European travel in winter – very few queues. It was the same with the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Anyway, the cathedral is free to visit unless you want to climb the towers which has a fee. We were considering doing that but there was a (fairly short) line and we didn’t feel like waiting.


Inside Notre Dame

Another good thing about visiting Europe in winter is the Christmas markets. From little craft markets (I went to one in The Marais run by Lions Club) to big food and drink extravaganzas, like the one near the Eiffel Tower.

a Christmas market

A little Christmas craft market

Near Notre Dame was this little market (above) with a Santa handing out balloons for the kids.


Balloons in Paris

Paris is full of parks and playgrounds and it was not too cold to hang out in them. Luxembourg Gardens has a big playground that costs 2.50 euros to enter. To be honest, I don’t think it was worth the fee but it is huge and the kids enjoyed it. I watched from the fence while Dave went in with them to save a little money! There’s a kiosk there selling snacks and coffee too, and a little carousel (costing extra.) I think the playground in the park across from the Eiffel Tower is just as good and is free.


Carousel in Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens themselves are beautiful and well worth a wander through.

Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

When we arrived at our third apartment in Paris we discovered that the Cirque d’hiver (Winter Circus) was right at the end of the street. The circus is in a beautiful permanent building and has been operating since 1861 during the winter months. We decided to go there on our last night and used it as incentive for good bedtimes from the kids in the lead up. We bought the tickets directly from the box office which was a little cheaper than anywhere I could find online and they cost 24 euro each. The show went for about two hours with an intermission and the kids were riveted for most of that time. Ed got a bit fidgety and tired towards the end but perked up when the clowns came out. The show was obviously all in French but it didn’t matter. There was a live band, dancing girls, acrobatics, aerial performers, and (sadly, I think) tigers. Afterwards Lillian said, “That circus was so good I’ll never forget it.”

cirque d'hiver

Cirque d’hiver

I would highly recommend visiting Paris in the winter. There is so much to do, we didn’t even get to ice-skating or even any of the museums (except for Dave’s solo visit to the Sewer Museum – which he recommends if you like that sort of thing.) We’ll just have to go back.


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