Paris Part 1: The Apartment Drama

We got off to a bit of a rocky start in Paris. I had booked an apartment through a company called Apartments Paris. They had a bit of an annoying check-in process where you have to go to an office to pick up the keys but only after 5pm. We managed that okay by leaving Nancy in the afternoon and filling in time at a cafe once we were in Paris.

Once we had the keys we walked to our apartment which was on Rue Montorgueil. I chose this apartment because our friends used to live in this area and as it was our third visit to Paris we knew we liked it there. On arrival there were a few little things different from the photos online (eg. shower screen totally missing) but overall the apartment looked great. It was set within a building with an internal courtyard so we had no street noise. The apartment had a big bedroom, and a living room, kitchen and bathroom. We were happy and quickly got settled in while Dave went out to buy groceries for dinner. The location was excellent with a supermarket right next door and a boulangerie just across the (mostly pedestrian) street.

Paris apartment number 1

Paris Apartment Number 1

Dave arrived back with frozen quiche for dinner and we started to cook it in the microwave/convection oven thingy. Poof! The lights went out. We flipped the fuse and tried again and the same thing kept happening. Hmmm. No quiche for us. Dave went out again and got sushi. After dinner we noticed there was no hot water. No showers for us. I sent Apartments Paris an email telling them about these issues and asking them to contact me in the morning.

Next morning we hadn’t heard anything so I called them and was told someone would come around to look at things. We were told we could go out and they would let themselves in. So we went out for the morning and came back around 2pm for lunch. There was no sign anyone had been so I called them again. They told me someone would come before 6pm. At 6pm I called again and was told someone would come the next morning. At this point I got a little stern and told them that wasn’t good enough, we had two young kids, we could not use anything in the kitchen (the stove and dishwasher also tripped the fuse) and we could not shower. They sent someone within twenty minutes.

The repair person managed to get the hot water working but the electrical issue could not be fixed. I spoke with the person in the office again and requested to move apartments the next morning. I had looked at their website to see which other apartments were available and requested one nearby that looked suitable for us. They agreed and said that someone would bring us the keys the next day.

Next day I called again to ask when the keys would be brought. The person I spoke to knew nothing about our situation and I had to wait until the person from the night before arrived. She told us someone would bring us the keys and again we could go out, they would leave them on the table and we could leave the apartment when ready. So we went out and returned for lunch and the keys were there. Just the keys, no address or details for the new place. We worked out the address using google streetview and the online photos and we made our way to our second apartment.

The second apartment was not quite as nice as the first but looked fine. The first thing we did was test the hot water and once again it was not working! I called the office again and they were totally surprised we were in the apartment. How did you get the keys? How did you know the address? etc. but they immediately sent three people to investigate and they brought us a bottle of champagne. They told us we would be best off to move to a third apartment and they would help us with our luggage. So they took the bags, we walked, and we met up at apartment number three.

view from Paris apartment number 3

View from Paris apartment number 3

The third apartment was smaller but actually very nice and in a lovely building. It was in the Marais area, close to several metro stops, and we finally had hot water and working appliances!

dining table

Dining corner

Basically we lost two days of our time in Paris chasing the apartment company and moving. As compensation they gave us the bottle of champagne and refunded one night’s accommodation. In six months of travel this was our only major accommodation issue and luckily we had planned to spend a full week in Paris. I would hate to have only been there for two or three nights and for this to have happened.

I believe Apartments Paris could have handled everything much more efficiently, especially their internal communication, but in the end we were happy with the compensation and the apartment provided. I would suggest however, that they change their recorded answering music from a song that says “making every possible mistake“. I had to listen to it every time I called and although fitting it was not really encouraging!

living room

Living room

We paid 104 euros a night for the apartment ($AUD157) which, when everything works, is great value for the centre of Paris. This included wifi, a washing machine, and a dishwasher. In Paris, as in the other European cities we visited, we ate in every night to save money and also self catered breakfast (croissants! mmmmm!) and most lunches.

Next up, what we got up to in Paris when we weren’t phoning apartment companies.


2 Responses to “Paris Part 1: The Apartment Drama”

  1. 1 Anna Little January 15, 2014 at 12:23 am

    Yikes – thanks for sharing this story. Glad it was finally resolved!

  1. 1 Paris Part 3: Winter Fun | The places we go Trackback on January 28, 2014 at 11:51 am

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