Nancy – does not rhyme with fancy but is quite

When we began our trip I had no idea where Nancy was, but while we were traveling friends from home announced they were moving there and after a little googling and map reading it was decided we should visit!

In case you don’t know where Nancy is either, here’s a map showing our route through Europe (except this shows the roads not the train lines.)

Our route through Europe

Our route through Europe

We hadn’t pre-booked any of our trains in Europe except for the Eurostar from Paris back to London. To get to Nancy we bought tickets on the day at Brussels Central station for 130 euros total. The trip involved first catching a train to Luxembourg (2nd class no reserved seats) which took about 3 hours and then changing to another train for the leg to Nancy (about 2 hours also no reserved seats.) You can also get to Nancy slightly faster on fast trains via Paris but our way was cheaper and not that much longer.

The trains were quite comfortable and we had no trouble getting seats as a group of four with a table in the middle. We passed the journey with stories, crochet, drawing, naps and food.

Moonshine in Nancy

Moonshine in Nancy

In Nancy we took a taxi from the train station to our friends’ house. The taxi driver’s English was better than our French and he was a friendly guy. He even pulled out an Australian one dollar coin that he carried for good luck after a passenger gave it to him. He warned us not to expect much from the weather in Nancy while we were there and indeed it was freezing cold and foggy when we arrived.

I first met Tory at playgroup a few years ago and her oldest daughter is only a few months younger than Edward. The kids soon made themselves at home and were having fun playing.

Nancy is fancy.

Christmas lights

The next day, as warned, the weather had not improved. We decided that the kids would all enjoy an easy day at home playing. Tory and I ventured out to track down a market she had heard about and buy provisions for lunch. She impressed me with her growing French skills and we came back with some yummy roast chickens, bread and radishes. We were introduced to the French way of eating long lunches with multiple courses, cheese and wine, and we liked this very much.

That evening Tory’s husband took us and the bigger kids into Nancy city centre by tram and we watched the countdown to the Christmas tree lights being switched on for the first time. It’s been great traveling in Europe just before Christmas with trees and decorations and markets everywhere we go.

sunny church

Blue sky!

On our final day in Nancy the weather came good and we all went into the town again for the afternoon. We wandered through the old town and into a fantastic park. The park has a permanent selection of rides for 1 euro a go, a little free zoo with monkeys and goats, and a great playground. When the sun started to dip and get a bit chilly Tory and I left the men in charge and took the baby off to a bar to wait in the warmth for the others while they had one more go on the rides.


1 euro rides!

I knew nothing of Nancy before we went but now I know it is a lovely little city with a beautiful old town area that we would be happy to visit again! We had a wonderful weekend and thank you Tory, Vince and girls.


2 Responses to “Nancy – does not rhyme with fancy but is quite”

  1. 1 euroreisender January 2, 2014 at 4:16 am

    What a wonderful route through Europe and beautiful pictures!

  2. 2 Bronwyn Joy @ Journeys Of The Fabulist January 2, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    It looks very nice. It’s great to see the big places like London and the spots with the big tourist draws but getting off the beaten track a bit has its own charms.

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