Beautiful Brussels

From The Hague we hopped on a train to Brussels which only took a couple of hours. Our first task was to find our way from the train station to the apartment rental office where we had to pick up our keys. This involved finding the right tram, working out the tickets and getting us all on and off again at the right stops. Mission accomplished!

We booked our apartment for three nights through Apartments Apart and stayed in Juste-A-Côté 1. We got a great low season deal and payed only 220 euros for the whole three nights. The apartment was enormous, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and was right in the centre of town between the Grand Place and the Maneken Pis statue.


Maneken Pis dressed up in one of his many costumes.

We were able to walk to the apartment from the office, through the Grand Place. It was late afternoon on a beautiful clear day and the old buildings looked amazing in the afternoon light. Everywhere we looked there was a chocolate shop or  waffle place and Lil was in heaven. She loudly exclaimed, “I love this city! There’s so much to see and do!!” much to the amusement of other nearby tourists.

enormous apartment

Our huge apartment living room

enormous kitchen

Huge kitchen

Once we had dumped our stuff in the apartment we headed straight out again to get a waffle and buy some groceries. Yum!

waffles are good

One euro waffle!

We timed the shopping so we were back in the Grand Place at 5pm when the nightly sound and light show started. It was just beautiful. The show goes for 15 minutes and tells the history of the Grand Place through music and lights.

dark blue sky

Sound and light show in the Grand Place

The next two days the great weather continued and we spent most of our time walking around the city. We’d leave the apartment in the morning and not get back until dinner time (with Ed falling asleep in the stroller at some point each day.)

one slept

Stroller nap

We visited the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate and learned about the process of harvesting cocoa and turning it into chocolate, and then got to sample some too.

We happened to walk by the Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula so popped in there for a visit and found an exhibition of nativity scenes from all different countries.

Brussels Cathedral

Brussels Cathedral

We visited the fabulous Musical Instrument Museum which has over 7000 instruments on display. An audio tour is included in the entrance fee and the audio plays automatically when you stand near an instrument and is music featuring that instrument. Great fun, but unfortunately our visit was a little rushed as Ed went on museum strike.

Musical Instrument Museum

Musical Instrument Museum

We ended up searching out food instead and found a nice cosy cafe serving Belgian beer (of course), burgers and frites.

good beer and burgers

Good beer and burgers

The next day we set off on the long walk to the Museum of Natural Sciences. The weather was freezing that day but still clear and the walk took us past the palace. The museum has the largest display of dinosaurs in Europe and was entertaining for all of us. Lots of interactive exhibits and things to touch. There was also a temporary exhibition there about Baby Animals which was specifically designed for kids aged 3 to 8. Perfect! They didn’t want to leave.

natural science museum

Natural Sciences Museum

On our way back into the city Ed fell asleep (see photo further up) and we came across a playground so stopped for a quick play while Dave walked laps with Ed.

we found a playground


Our three nights in Brussels flew by and we all really enjoyed the city. I had been there once before, in 2005, with my cousin and a friend, but I think we did more eating/drinking and less site seeing back then!

Many more photos from Brussels here. We went a little photo crazy because it was all so lovely.


2 Responses to “Beautiful Brussels”

  1. 1 Beck January 1, 2014 at 4:38 am

    More eating and drinking, yes! But we did do the open top bus tour and see the outside of all those places you visited-we were being super efficient with our sightseeing and got it done in 2 hours.

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