List 51/52 – Thoughts of Home

As we near the end of our big trip our thoughts are turning more often to home. These are the things we are most excited about.

1. My bed. My lovely comfortable bed.

2. Just being in our house.

3. Seeing friends and family.

4. Good coffee just a short walk away in all directions.

5. Getting back into crafting and sewing.

6. Getting back into running.

7. Summer weather.

8. Seeing what else we can purge that we haven’t missed.

9. Playing with the toy kitchen again (Edward.)

10. Playing with friends (Lillian and Edward.)

11. The few weeks of ‘holiday’ before Lil goes back to school.

12. Planning the next (not as big) trip!

Day 29: hot #fmsphotoaday

Summer in Newcastle



1 Response to “List 51/52 – Thoughts of Home”

  1. 1 emmac30 December 23, 2013 at 10:07 am

    Will be great to catch up for a play/ coffee/ wine/ swim at the beach 🙂 or all of the above in good time.

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