A Ferry to Amsterdam

Big ferry

Ferry to Amsterdam

After the stress and drama of getting to the ferry it was all smooth sailing once we were on the boat. The ferry cost about GBP 90 for all of us in a cabin with a window. We left Newcastle at 5pm and arrived in The Netherlands at 9:30 the next morning.

Ed in our cabin on the ferry to The Netherlands

Excited Edward in the cabin

The kids were very excited to be on a boat and after checking out our cabin and dumping the bags we went exploring. Dave and I were in good need of a drink and so we found the kids’ play area which was conveniently located right next to a cafe/bar. The kids were soon immersed in a ball pit and having fun with the only other child on the boat, while Dave and I drank our beers. We ate dinner from the cafe while the kids ate in front of a movie in the kids’ zone.

We slept pretty well on the boat that night and were woken at 8am by the ship’s wake-up call over the PA system. We had breakfast in the cabin with food we’d brought with us and then I took the kids back to the ball pit while Dave packed up the bags. We watched from deck as the boat entered the port and then…we were in The Netherlands!

Arriving in The Netherlands this morning. We're cosy in our apartment now after getting lost and very wet on the way here. Junior Eurovision is on TV. It's going to be an effort to go out again but we do need food.

Arriving in The Netherlands

We had pre-booked a bus transfer into Amsterdam through the ferry company and it took us right to Central Station. From there we walked to our apartment but got a little lost on the way when I followed the wrong canal. Easily done! It was raining and we all were a little cold and wet by the time we found the apartment which was thankfully lovely and cosy.

Our Amsterdam apartment

Our Amsterdam apartment

The apartment cost 250 euros for two nights and was in a great location in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam. An easy walk from Central once you follow the right canal. It was a studio on the first floor of a traditional tall and skinny Dutch house. The stairs were so steep they were almost a ladder!

We only had two nights in Amsterdam and were unlucky with bad weather most of the time but we did manage to see some things. Lillian and I visited the Anne Frank House museum on our first afternoon. She asked a lot of questions and I tried to explain things as simply as possible, but it’s a lot for a six year old to take in. She enjoyed the house tour and imagining people living there and I like the thought that when she does read the book she might remember being in those rooms.

Anne Frank's House

Anne Frank’s House

On our only full day in Amsterdam there was a storm brewing so we decided the best way to view the city was from the protection of a canal cruise boat. The boat left from in front of the Anne Frank House and did an hour long loop through the city with commentary. An hour was about the perfect length of time for our kids who got a bit antsy towards the end.

here's the boat

Canal boat

boat view

A view from the boat tour

That afternoon Dave ventured out to visit the Rijksmuesum and had a glorious hour or so browsing alone. The kids and I stayed in the apartment and huddled in bed together when the thunder got too loud.

Two nights in Amsterdam was barely enough time to scratch the surface and I would love to return to this city and explore more one day.


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  1. 1 andthreetogo December 21, 2013 at 9:14 am

    I would love to go to the Anne Frank House. I think we will definitely have to make the trek to Amsterdam at some point. I think we will wait until it’s warmer though. 🙂

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