List 50/52 – Stories To Keep The Kids Quiet While Traveling

A sure-fire way to keep the kids quiet while traveling on a train is for Dave to tell them a story. Some he tells from memory based on books he’s read or movies he’s seen. Some he reads from his phone. The kids love it and even Ed will sit quietly and listen. Here are some of the stories we’ve had lately:

– The Hunger Games (Dave saw the movie on DVD in Bangkok.)

– Theseus and the Minotaur

– The Jungle Book

– The Golden Bird

– The Nativity Story (by request after we saw an exhibition of nativity scenes in the cathedral in Brussels.)

– Medusa and Perseus

– The story of Mary Queen of Scots and James I (following our visit to Edinburgh Castle.)

– Hans in Luck

– The Traveling Musicians

Ed was also quite interested in a bit of ‘Diana: Her Life in Fashion’ that I read to him. It was in our first Paris apartment (more on that to come eventually.)


Nativity Scene in Brussels’ Grand Place



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