List 48/52 – Dave’s Favourite Things About Scotland

I usually try to publish these list posts on a Sunday but this week has gotten away from me! Ed has stopped having a nap unless we’re out and about and so blogging time is even scarcer these days.

This week’s list is from Dave. We’ve just had a great two weeks revisiting Scotland (more on all that to come) and these are his favourite things Scottish.

1. Sunsets that last all day (in Winter), or rather, sunrises and sunsets that meet somewhere briefly in the middle.


Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park

2. The friendly people.

3. The accent and language, or, patter.

Brushing up on the lingo.

Glesga Patter

4. The beautiful scenery.

5. The castles.

6. The whiskey.

river view

View from the Wallace Monument near Stirling

7. Catching up with old friends this time around.

8. Feeling less like tourists and more at home because we’ve lived there before and know where things are.

9. Showing the kids places we’ve talked about.

10. The cosy pubs and good pub food and the fact that many allow kids.

The Ship Inn Broughty Ferry

The Ship Inn Broughty Ferry



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