Bangkok’s Grand Palace and the Flight to London

To finish off our three and a bit months in Thailand we had another six nights in Bangkok. It was our third stay in the city this trip and we spent it at the same Air BnB apartment that we stayed in last time. It was nice to come back to the same place where the doorman recognised us, we knew the area, and the apartment was just as we had left it. Even my washing powder was still there.

The main thing I wanted to do this time in Bangkok (besides shopping for shoes for the kids) was visit the Grand Palace. We chose to go to the palace on a Sunday. It was hot and it was busy. Much busier than I remember it being in 2004. Perhaps a week day would have been quieter? Anyway, we were there and we were on a mission to have our family photo taken in the same place as my mother and her family had theirs taken in 1961. First we had a little look around and tried to dodge the crowds. Lillian really enjoyed the murals.

mural gazing

Mural gazing

I really enjoyed the details.


Flower walls

And then we found the place for the photo. In 1961 my mother was almost 8 years old when she visited the Grand Palace with her family at the start of their big family trip. You can see more photos from their time in Bangkok here. The palace in 1961 was quiet. No crowds!

1961 and 2013 Grand Palace Bangkok

1961 and 2013 Grand Palace Bangkok

The day before we flew to London I did some shopping (alone!) and bought some books for the kids to help keep them occupied on the thirteen hour flight.

Surprise goodies for the 13hr plane ride tomorrow. The book bottom left is a comic about a novice monk!

Activity Books

I went to the Kinokuniya bookshop in the Siam Paragon shopping mall and happily stumbled upon these Thailand activity and colouring books by Nancy Chandler. They have great things like a hilltribe paper doll to cut out, masks, and word searches with Thai towns and places. I also got Edward a new sticker book about London. Sticker books are always popular. The Satima book is a comic about a novice monk that I couldn’t resist for Lillian.

The flight to London went well. It was a daytime direct flight with British Airways and was only half full so we ended up with six seats for the four of us. Because it was daytime we also had some spectacular views out the window. We flew right across Afghanistan and it was amazing to look down on that landscape, so mountainous and barren, and see tiny villages and wonder what those people’s lives were like.

snowy mountains Afghanistan


When we arrived in the UK the sun was just setting and the plane flew right over the city. We saw the London Eye, the Thames and a beautiful sunset. Getting through immigration was a breeze and Dave’s mum was there to meet us on the other side. Two kids fell asleep (short-lived) in the taxi on the way home. More on our first week in the UK to come.


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  1. 1 Bronwyn Joy @ Journeys Of The Fabulist November 28, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    Welcome to London!

    Funny how things like laundry powder persist in those places, though.

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