List 40/52 – The Best Things About Staying In An Apartment Instead Of A Hotel

We’ve used air bnb twice now to book apartments in Bangkok. These are the reasons we love apartments!

1. More space.

2. You get to pretend you actually live there.

3. One modem just for you! No sharing with a whole floor of a hotel.

4. Your own washing machine. Sure, getting your washing done in Asia is cheap, but still not as convenient as being able to do a load whenever you need to.

5. You can do your own breakfasts. Eating out for breakfast lunch and dinner adds up fast. We like to buy cereal, milk and bread and eat in the apartment. Much easier with kids.

6. You can even cook some dinners. Pasta with pesto sauce is a cheap and easy one pot dinner.

7. Great facilities. Swimming pools, ping-pong tables, supermarkets in the building, a library! These are all things our apartments have had in Bangkok.

8. Awesome views. Obviously this depends on the apartment you choose but we have been lucky.

9. Price. For all the above we have paid $AUD72 – 86 a night including the air bnb fee. Not exactly budget, but great value, especially when you consider the savings on eating out all the time.

air bnb apartment

Our first Bangkok apartment



1 Response to “List 40/52 – The Best Things About Staying In An Apartment Instead Of A Hotel”

  1. 1 suzy October 6, 2013 at 10:19 am

    We love staying in apartments when we travel too! It’s so nice to be able to spread out a bit, and I like being able to put the kids to bed in a separate room, so we can stay up later without disturbing them. And it’s great to have a kitchen, especially if children are jetlagged and getting hungry at strange times. The ones you’ve found in Bangkok look great.

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