List 34/52 – Bangkok To Do List

We’re in Bangkok for three nights now before we head to the village where we’ll be doing our month long home-stay and English teaching. The next couple of days are all about preparing for that. Site-seeing will have to wait till next time!

1. Washing. The air bnb apartment we’re staying in has a washing machine. I am washing all the things! I even washed my handbag.

2. Buy a Thai phrasebook/dictionary.

3. Vote in the federal election at the Australian embassy.

4. Meet with someone from the organisation who arranged our home-stay.

5. Shopping for teaching shoes and shirts.

6. Pay our home bills and move some money around.

7. Use the excellent internet here (one modem! just for us!) to download some stuff and upload some stuff.

Good morning Bangkok!

View from bed


8. Haircuts for Dave and Edward.


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