List 32/52 – One Month of Trip Stats

(Blogging from iPhone today so please excuse any wonkiness.)

We’ve now been traveling for just over a month. Each month I’ll update these stats.

– Days traveling: 34
– Places stayed overnight: 9
– Modes of transport: 6
– Total hours actually traveling between places: 32hrs 40mins
– Hours on planes: 8
– Hours on trains: 4hrs 50mins
– Hours on buses: 8hrs 15mins
– Hours on minibuses: 8.5
– Hours on boats: 3
– Hours on sangthaew: 10mins


2 Responses to “List 32/52 – One Month of Trip Stats”

  1. 1 SugarShack August 16, 2013 at 5:26 am

    Hi there! Love your blog. I’m moving internationally with my husband and 3 kids (under 2!) so I could use any tips/advice you may have. Your sense of adventure is definitely an inspiration.

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