Getting There

We decided to get a train to Ipoh (pronounced EE-POH) as a change from the bus and I’m glad we did. It was fast and clean and only took just under 2.5 hours. They even played a movie and Mr Bean cartoons.

Train to Ipoh. Nicer than Australian trains!

Practically empty train to Ipoh

The train cost 92MYR (about $AUD30) total which is probably a bit more than the bus would have been but this was fun.


In Ipoh we stayed at the Ipoh Boutique Hotel which I found and booked through Agoda. It’s only a year old and we paid $AUD55 for a big family room with a double and single bed, couch, fridge, nice bathroom and free wifi.

Our room

Our room


We had two full days in Ipoh. On the first we visited Perak Tong Cave Temple just north of the city (12MYR each way in taxi, temple by donation.) The temple has some beautiful paintings on the cave walls and four hundred and something steps to climb to the top of the mountain.

Lil and painting

Cave painting

heading up

Starting the climb

The view on the way up was not so attractive.

beautiful view of cement factory

Ugly view

But improved at the top!

mountain top

Nice view

It’s a pity it was such a hazy day as we couldn’t really see the surrounding karst mountains.

On our second day in Ipoh we did some exploring on foot with a walk along the river path into the old part of town.

street art

Random street art

We came across Burps and Giggles cafe, which wouldn’t look out of place in Newcastle, and had some good coffee and pastries.

happy coffee

Happy coffee

Ipoh has some lovely old buildings. I’m not sure what this one was!

Mad and Lil

Nice building, tired Lil

Eating in Ipoh

Ipoh is known for good food (and coffee) and these are the places we ate diner each night:

Vnam Kitchen Restaurant – good Vietnamese food, especially yummy spring rolls.

Restaurant Yum Yum – This place was packed on a Saturday night with lots of big family groups and lots of little kids.

First Coffee House – we ate here for convenience because it was right near the hotel but the food was very good. The owner insisted we try her homemade creme caramels which were yummy.

Breakfast was not included at the hotel (they have no restaurant but it looks like they might be putting one in) so each morning we gave the kids a muesli bar to tide them over and went on the hunt for food. We found a place that did noodles, peanut butter toast, and coffee so everyone was happy.

coffee and peanut butter toast

Noodles, Toast and Coffee

Where Are We Now?

We’re in Georgetown, Penang and plan to stay here until Sunday. After that it’s all a bit up in the air. We’ve organised our Thai tourist visas today that give us 60 days upon entry to Thailand. We’ll probably go from here straight to Thailand but you never know. We’ve got a week to fill in before we arrive on Koh Phangan for wedding festivities. We might end up arriving there a little earlier than planned. I think the kids would appreciate staying put on a beach for a while. We will see!


2 Responses to “Ipoh”

  1. 1 Taking to the Open Road July 30, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    When I was younger and living in Malaysia my parents would take us on a daytrip up to Ipoh for an eating spree (food is every Malaysian’s uniting passion). We would go up for fruit, Ipoh hor fun, and cake. While you’re in Penang, try the assam laksa – a laksa like no other! I just hope you like fish! 😉 Safe travels.

  1. 1 List 43/52 – Family Accommodation in Singapore and Malaysia | The places we go Trackback on October 28, 2013 at 5:00 pm

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