Kuala Lumpur (and a bit about now)

Dave and I came to Kuala Lumpur for the last few nights of our honeymoon in 2004. This time round, with two kids, was a different kind of experience!

The Hotel

I had been promising the kids a swimming pool in KL and had booked a hotel that was a bit of a splurge. But two days before we were due to arrive I happened to check their website and discovered that the swimming pool was closed for repairs this month. Disaster! I managed to get a full refund through the booking website I had used and went on the search for another hotel with a pool. We ended up splurging even more and stayed at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel.


The bedroom and bathroom

I think cities are good places for a splurge because they can get a bit overwhelming and it’s nice to have a comfortable place to retreat to. We paid $AUD146 a night (so still cheaper than the ‘budget’ place in Singapore!) and this included:

– a superior room that had a separate bedroom, living area, and kitchenette (Kitchenette only had a kettle, fridge and sink. No plates, cutlery or anything to cook with but it was still handy.)

– an extra bed for Lil

– full buffet breakfast for four each day

– entry tickets for all of us to the theme park inside Times Square shopping centre (attached to the hotel.)

– four bottles of water a day

– fruit plate on arrival

other side

The living area

There were actually three pools – two kiddy ones and a big one in the middle. There was also a kids playground near the pool. The kids were very happy! The hotel is attached to a shopping centre that had handy things like a supermarket (we ate sandwiches for lunch) and laundry and lots of shops and places to eat. Not to mention the theme park!


We didn’t do a lot of traditional site-seeing this visit as we’d seen most of the main places on our previous trip. We focused instead on things the kids would enjoy along with some solo shopping time for me to buy clothes for us to wear to the wedding in Thailand.

We spent one morning at the Times Square theme park. They have a floor dedicated to little kids which kept our two happy for a while. Compared to Legoland it was not nearly as good and Lil was a bit bored with some of the rides but overall they had fun there. Lil wasn’t big enough for any of the adult rides but Dave and I took turns in going on the big roller coaster.

bumper cars

Lil driving the bumper cars


In the tunnel!

Another day we visited the Petrosains Science Discovery Centre (50MYR for family) at KLCC shopping centre. This place was entertaining for all of us and we could have spent a lot longer there if we didn’t need to eat and sleep.

play area

Ed in a play area at the science centre

Also at KLCC we watched the free nightly fountain and light symphony. Ed kept asking to see it again for the rest of the stay so it was a hit. The fact that we ate dinner nearby at a cafe with babycinos on the menu probably helped.

twin towers

The twin towers

Lil fountains

Fountains and Lil


While we were in Melaka we found out where we’ll be spending our month teaching in Thailand in September. I emailed the Thai Travel Clinic in Bangkok to ask them about vaccinations needed for this area and they recommended we get Japanese Encephalitis. So it was back to KLCC to visit the medical centre there for the first of two shots. (We’ll get the 2nd in Penang.) The clinic was very efficient and it ended up costing about $AUD40 each. Much cheaper than if we had gotten this one in Australia. The kids were then treated to the most enormous ice-creams ever.

A Little Update About This Moment Right Now

Since I wrote the last list post Ed has been fighting his nap hard. He hasn’t napped for the past three days and then takes hours to go to sleep at night. He is driving us crazy. I wrote this post while trying for rest time. The kids are chasing each other around the room. Ed is swinging my bra around (I took it off because it was soaked with sweat from our outing this morning) and Lil is pretending to be a dog. At times like this we wonder what we are doing here. I think it’s time for a walk. Better put the bra back on.


5 Responses to “Kuala Lumpur (and a bit about now)”

  1. 1 B July 27, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    Oh, you’ve got one who decides that sleep isn’t for holidays, too. All to interesting, I guess! Hopefully he sees the error of his ways soon. (Also, what is it with kids pretending to be dogs? And always the loudest, yappiest ones…)

  2. 3 suzy July 28, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    KL sounds like lots of fun. We did a stopover there with the kids a couple of years ago and all had a great time, Ali keeps asking to go back.
    And lots of sympathy on the nap / sleep situation. I hope it settles down soon.
    When we were traveling with Ali when he was two we gave up on nap time, because if he was tired enough he would fall asleep in the Maclaren, and if we trekked back to the hotel for a sleep and then he didn’t sleep it was too frustrating. But he was on the way to giving up naps anyway, so it didn’t seem to affect him too badly, I know some children the same age still really need a sleep.

    • 4 Madeline July 29, 2013 at 8:32 am

      Hi Suzy! Yes, I think that’s the approach we have to take. Unfortunately unless we’re doing a big thing like the zoo or legoland it’s too hot to stay out all day. WE need a rest! He’s always been a great napper but it’s hard when we’re all in the room together and other people are doing fun things, and he is coming up to 3 so was bound to happen eventually. Is M still napping?

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