The first few days – finding our travel feet

Let's do this crazy thing.

Here we are setting off on the big trip. That look on Ed’s face? A sign of things to come. Poor boy has not settled easily into the travelling groove. We’ve had lots of uncooperativeness (removing shoes and pants a favourite method), tantrums, wanting his dummy all the time and general miserableness from him. Lil on the other hand, is much like in this photo.

We’ve also all been sick with colds/coughs and Ed and I have it the worst which I’m sure is not helping things for him. So hopefully once we’re all better he’ll be a happier little traveller.

On the plus side, we’re staying in a great place (which I’ll write more about after we leave) and yesterday we had a successful all day outing to the zoo. (Many zoo photos here.)


I can see that blogging time is going to be limited – we’ve all been going to bed at the same time – so follow on facebook if you want more frequent updates.

At the moment Lil and I are hanging out in the common area doing laundry, watching tv, mathletics, journal writing, and blogging while Dave and Ed nap in the room. We’ve had a quiet morning today. Dave took the kids across the road to a park, then upstairs to the hotel paddling pool. I headed out and found bread rolls (and coffee) for lunch and we picnicked in the room. After nap we’ll head out for some more exploring and dinner.


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