List 25/52 – Updated To-Do List At Two Weeks To Go

The last to-do list published here was the six weeks to go version. Here’s that one again with some updates.

1. Get vaccinations for grown-ups (kids have had theirs.)

2. Buy a day pack.

3. Buy an e-reader.

4. Cull stuff from house and deep clean (ongoing) – bathroom and kitchen have been culled and cleaned. Still need to do playroom and bedrooms.

5. Plan Lil’s birthday/our farewell party – party is next weekend so preps will be happening this week.

6. Apply for travel credit cards.

7. Pack!

8. Book accommodation in Sydney for the night before we fly out.

9. Make arrangements for house sitters to get key.

10. Finish writing information pack for house sitters.

11. Send some winter clothes ahead to the UK via sea mail – we’ll do this the day before we fly out seeing as it’s freezing here and we’re wearing them at the moment.

12. Meet with Lil’s teacher and find out what she’ll be missing – happening this week.

And the new additions:

13. Double check house insurance and update car insurance to include house sitters.

14. Set up remaining direct debits for bills.

15. Notify centrelink of 13/14 expected income and period of absence.

16. Notify credit card of travel plans.

17. Move money around bank accounts and travel cards.

18. Scan important documents.

19. Print flight and accommodation  confirmations.

20. Tax documents.

21. Forward mail to my Dad’s address.

22. Register for postal voting for federal election.

23. Clean car inside.

24. Monitor air pollution situation in Singapore and decide if we need to change itinerary plans.


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