List 20/52 – Favourite Places in Laos

I’ve written about our love of Laos before. It was probably our favourite country on our last big South East Asia trip in 04/05. On that trip we travelled up the length of the country from Cambodia in the south to Muang Sing in the north, and you can read the blog posts from the time here.

On this trip, although we won’t be able to visit as many places as we did the first time, we’re hoping to get back to Laos for a little while. This list is our favourite places from last time. I tried not to just list everywhere we went!

1. Don Det – our first stop after arriving from Cambodia, this little island was a great place to stop for a few days and we had a very quiet New Year’s Eve here. We borrowed bikes and cycled around, enjoyed the guesthouse’s honesty system where we wrote down everything we ate and drank in a book and paid at the end, and watched the Mekong flowing by. This was also the cheapest place we stayed at $1.50 for a little bungalow.


Don Det Bungalow



Don Det Mekong View

2. Tad Lo – another relaxing little place up on the Bolaven Plateau. We read books, napped, swam in the waterfalls, rode an elephant, and had a cute bungalow. Oh travel without children, how relaxing you were!


Tad Lo Bungalow

3. Vientiane – after travelling in northern Cambodia and southern Laos, arriving in Vientiane was a bit like returning to civilisation. I remember splurging on pastries from a European bakery and eating dinner by the river at sunset.


Mekong Sunset Vientiane

4. Luang Prabang – LOVED this place and hope we can get back here this trip.


Luang Prabang

5. Nong Khiaw – the boat trip to get there was absolutely stunning and well worth the sore bum from eight hours on a hard wooden stool.


Nong Khiaw Guesthouse Window

6. Muang Sing – I was recovering from a cold here and this bungalow and view was the perfect place to recuperate.


Muang Sing Bungalow View



Muang Sing Sunset

Love you Laos!


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