Olden Days Bangkok

I’ve posted some of these photos before but have just been looking at them again and thought I’d share them here too. I love them!

My mother visited Bangkok in 1961 when she was almost eight years old. One of the things I’m looking forward to doing when we visit again is taking a family photo in this same spot:

Grand Palace Bangkok 1961

I’ve been there before but did not know at the time that my mother had stood right there!


Here’s some more photos of Bangkok in 1961. My grandmother and aunt at the Grand Palace:

Grand Palace Bangkok 1961

Emerald Buddha Temple Bangkok 1961

So quiet!

Grand Palace Bangkok 1961

Outside Grand Palace Bangkok 1961

The view from their hotel, the Erawan Hotel. I believe it is now the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok. I love the buses!

From Erawan Hotel Bangkok 1961

And now I think I’ve chosen my list topic for next Sunday: things I’m looking forward to doing in Bangkok. I have quite a soft spot for the city after staying there five times before. It was the first overseas city I ever visited back in 1998 on our way to India. Can’t wait to get back!


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