List 16/52 – Things we’re travelling with that we didn’t take on our last big trip

Our last big trip was three months travelling through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in 2004/05 on our way to live and work in the UK. These are the things we didn’t travel with back then that we’ll be travelling with this time.

1. The kids – because they didn’t exist in 2004.

2. A laptop – in 2004 I had never even owned a laptop. We bought our first one when we arrived in the UK. In SE Asia we relied on internet cafes for email access and to burn our photos onto CDs as we went.

3. An iPhone – as with point 1 they didn’t exist.

4. Facebook – we did have the blog back then (trip posts start here) but as with points 1 and 3 Facebook didn’t exist. This will be a whole new way to keep in touch on the road. You can like The Places We Go here.

5. A stroller – an extra piece of luggage that goes with having the kids. You could add to this all the other bits and pieces they’ll require!

6. Wedding clothes – woo hoo! Looking forward to Dave’s brother’s wedding on Koh Phangan.

7. Teaching clothes – we’ll be spending a month volunteer English teaching in Thailand.

Here’s a pic from our last trip. Dave looking over the Mekong from our hotel in Kratie, Cambodia (the day we found out about the tsunami).



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