List 12/52 – The Scotland List

I’ve been very focused on the Asia part of the trip so this list is all about things I’m looking forward to doing in Scotland.

1. Showing Lillian where she was born and where we were living.

2. Taking the kids to the awesome playground right around the corner from our old flat. Lil was just getting big enough to use it when we left.


3. Visiting castles! From the tiny Broughty Castle to the big Edinburgh Castle and probably some others in between.

Edinburgh Castle

4. Visiting the Discovery Ship and Museum and the Dundee Science Centre. The latter is something we never visited while living there but I think the kids would enjoy it. We might also visit the Glasgow Science Centre. It’s in an awesome building.

5. Having a meal at The Ship Inn, where we used to go with Lil as a baby and where the barmaid’s name was also Lillian.

6. Highland cows!

Highland Coo

7. Walks on Scottish beaches.

cloudy broughty ferry

8. And just maybe some snow.

snowy park


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