List 10/52 – 10 Travel Blogs I’m Enjoying Lately

In no particular order…

1. Where’s Sharon? (and Joshue, Soraya and Isaac) – an Australian family currently on a six week SE Asia trip.

2. Travel Chameleon – Written by a Malaysian traveller.

3. Travel Junkies – An American family on a two year trip with an 8yo.

4. This World Rocks – Dan and Alissa have just begun their round the world trip.

5. Active Backpacker – A couple travelling and blogging, currently in SE Asia.

6. Escape Artistes – A mother and son travelling team, currently in China.

7. Finding The Universe – Has had some great Thailand posts lately.

8. Living Outside of the Box – A family of five travelling the world.

9. Malaysian Meanders – An American family living in Penang.

10. 8 Miles From Home – A couple from the UK living in Thailand with their dog. Love their videos.


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