To Burma Or Not To Burma?

If you look at our itinerary tab you’ll see that we’ve allocated most of October to Myanmar/Burma. Over the weekend I started doing some more research into visiting Burma and we’re now undecided about going. Things I learned:

– Burma is having trouble keeping up with the numbers of tourists now visiting.

– As a result hotels are in short supply and prices are high for what you get (especially compared to other countries in the region.) Another issue is tourists reserving rooms at multiple places to ensure a place to stay which makes a bit of a farce of the whole reservation system.

– Ground transport infrastructure is not good. Trains are expensive, slow and uncomfortable. Most tourists seem to fly in a circle between the four main cities. Flight prices are reasonable but add up quickly when you times by four people.

– Unlike other countries booking as you go is difficult and many people pre-book their accommodation and transport for the whole trip through a local travel agent months before arrival.

– Things are changing rapidly. The Lonely Planet is only about a year old but already prices are out of date as they rise quickly.

Considering all these things we’re now wondering if it would be best to give Burma some time to adjust and perhaps visit in a few years when the kids are older. I’ve emailed some agents to get an idea of costs anyway but haven’t heard back from any yet.

Without Burma on the itinerary we have about six weeks wide open. Three(ish) of those weeks we were planning to spend in Thailand before and after Burma. We’re now thinking about spending more time in Thailand with a side trip to Laos. We loved Laos in 2005 and would especially like to revisit Luang Prabang. Decisions decisions. The good thing is that if we decide not to do Burma we really don’t need to make any other deicisions until we’re there.

So, to Burma or not to Burma? I am torn because it looks like an amazing place, just logistically more difficult and expensive. Hmmmmm.

Temples of Bagan

(Photoof Bagan from edbrambley on flickr)


1 Response to “To Burma Or Not To Burma?”

  1. 1 Wheres Sharon? (Sharon) March 20, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    I decided against Burma, as much as I would love to go, because of the relatively high prices (compared to other countries in the region) and the hard travel required which just wouldn’t work for us at this time 🙂

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