Travel Purchase – Plane Tickets!

A big milestone here yesterday as we finally booked the first flight for our trip. One way tickets to Singapore departing 9th July.

Although we had ummed and ahhed about whether to fly a budget airline or not, in the end we decided to fly with Singapore Airlines. We would have saved about $800 by flying FlyScoot but after reading lots of online reviews and posts like this one from y Travel blog (about travelling with kids on Air Asia X) we decided the extra money would be worth it.

The kids spent lots of time today pretending to be on a plane. Ed was the passenger, sitting in a spare car seat, and Lil was serving him. She brought him nearly every cushion, book and toy in the house plus some cashew nuts. I think we need to do some more talking about how much stuff we’ll be able to take with us!

One way tickets to Singapore are booked! You can read more about plans for our big family trip on


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