List 7/52 – 3 Decisions Made This Week*

1. What kind of bags to take.

2. Whether to take the stroller or not.

3. Whether to book all the major flights together at once or each leg with different carriers over time.

And the answers:

1. One 60L travel backpack (the red one I’m packing in this picture.) One 60L wheelie duffel bag (exact one TBD and procured.) One daypack. One kids backpack (for travel day entertainment carrying.) One messenger type shoulder bag.

2. Yes. We’ll take our stroller (a Maclaren Techno XT that we bought second hand from ebay before Lil was born.) It still strolls fine but is looking a little rough and the canopy is a bit broken. We figure if we decide to ditch it somewhere along the way we won’t be too sad. It’s advantages are that we already own it, it fully reclines for napping on the go, it’s comfy (I presume) and it’s not too heavy. We’ll also take an ergo carrier.

3. Different legs at different times. Starting with booking the SYD-SIN leg very soon.

*We reserve the right to change our minds about any of these decisions!


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