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List 8/52 -Trip Things Lillian Is Looking Forward To

1. Chicken on a stick

2. Mango

3. Legoland

4. Her own tv on the plane

Travel Purchase – Plane Tickets!

A big milestone here yesterday as we finally booked the first flight for our trip. One way tickets to Singapore departing 9th July.

Although we had ummed and ahhed about whether to fly a budget airline or not, in the end we decided to fly with Singapore Airlines. We would have saved about $800 by flying FlyScoot but after reading lots of online reviews and posts like this one from y Travel blog (about travelling with kids on Air Asia X) we decided the extra money would be worth it.

The kids spent lots of time today pretending to be on a plane. Ed was the passenger, sitting in a spare car seat, and Lil was serving him. She brought him nearly every cushion, book and toy in the house plus some cashew nuts. I think we need to do some more talking about how much stuff we’ll be able to take with us!

One way tickets to Singapore are booked! You can read more about plans for our big family trip on

Travel Purchase – Turkish Towels

turkish towels

I’ve come across Turkish towels online quite a bit lately and thought they would be perfect to take travelling. We bought four from this ebay seller (red, black, aqua, blue) and they arrived super quickly. I’m really happy with them. They’re light and fold up really small and dry quickly. I washed them at the same time as some normal towels and these were dry way before the others. I can see us using them as a sarong, sheet, or wrap too. I think I’ll not be able to wait till we’re travelling and will take one to the beach next time!

(This post was not sponsored in any way. I just like the towels we bought.)

List 7/52 – 3 Decisions Made This Week*

1. What kind of bags to take.

2. Whether to take the stroller or not.

3. Whether to book all the major flights together at once or each leg with different carriers over time.

And the answers:

1. One 60L travel backpack (the red one I’m packing in this picture.) One 60L wheelie duffel bag (exact one TBD and procured.) One daypack. One kids backpack (for travel day entertainment carrying.) One messenger type shoulder bag.

2. Yes. We’ll take our stroller (a Maclaren Techno XT that we bought second hand from ebay before Lil was born.) It still strolls fine but is looking a little rough and the canopy is a bit broken. We figure if we decide to ditch it somewhere along the way we won’t be too sad. It’s advantages are that we already own it, it fully reclines for napping on the go, it’s comfy (I presume) and it’s not too heavy. We’ll also take an ergo carrier.

3. Different legs at different times. Starting with booking the SYD-SIN leg very soon.

*We reserve the right to change our minds about any of these decisions!

Travel Purchase – Fancy Money Belt

My awesome new travel belt from Alie Jane Travel Accessories and Design. Bartered for some of my crafty goods!

Technically more of a barter than a purchase, but I am now the proud owner of this groovy money belt. It comes from Alie Jane Travel Accessories and Design. I think it’s so much nicer than the standard beige, don’t you? I can’t wait to fill it with passports and money!

You can also find Alie Jane on Facebook.

List 6/52 – Ten Things I’ve Researched This Week

1. Singapore

2. Accommodation in Singapore (and booked!)

3. Accommodation in Malacca (anyone have a lead on a good family friendly, budget friendly place?)

4. Baby carriers

5. Strollers

6. Airfares to Singapore

7. Reviews of FlyScoot

8. Things to do in Singapore

9. Travel Insurance

10. Mexican peasant dresses (Woops! Not travel related…but I could take it with me.)

Thinking About Singapore

I think we’ve decided to change our itinerary slightly and start in Singapore rather than Kuala Lumour. We’d initially decided against it due to cost but after thinking about it some more, and crunching some more numbers, I think we can do it.


– We start at the bottom of the peninsular and work our way up. No backtracking from KL to Melaka and up again. We can go Singapore – Melaka – KL.

– We can visit Legoland Malaysia (close to Singapore) and the Singapore Zoo and night safari.

– Flight costs are pretty much the same as to KL but with FlyScoot instead of Air Asia X.

– The flight is a little bit shorter than to KL.

– We see Singapore! I’ve only spent one night there previously and I don’t think Dave has been there at all.


– Accommodation is expensive (like, three times our budget for elsewhere in Asia.)


So it’s looking like the pros outweigh the con!